Window Coverings


Consider the appeal of real wood shutters on your formal living room or remodeled kitchen. Kalia carries a diverse selection of custom-fitted shutters with shutter pictures on display in our showroom. We certainly recommend plantation shutters which hold their value well and remain highly desired. The single-most difficult decision is which color and style to choose. Let our design professionals assist you with shutter selection. The second most difficult aspect of shutters is professional mounting. Shutters are unique when it comes to how and where to mount the product to achieve the most natural look without losing the proper functioning of the window unit and the shutter assembly itself. There are numerous options for mounting with respect to what style of frame you desire and where the attachments should be made in order to give you that professional custom look.

Quality, affordable wooden blinds can achieve the same elegant look at a lower cost than shutters. Your choice should consider the design themes that shutters promote and enhance, and the versatility and affordability of blinds that still retain an upscale, professional look. Your room design and intended space planning make all the difference up front in choosing either of the room-enhancing options.

vertical blinds



Think of this fact – the only type of window treatment that can be financed into the purchase of your home is the installation of plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are highly desired and most likely stay with the property when it is sold. They are versatile and often less than custom draperies. Plantation shutters are a great choice for kitchens and spacious bathrooms. You can achieve the HGTV look.

But to be fair, it really depends on the desired look of your new space, your budget, and the location and type of window or door in the room. Both shutters and blinds sit well and work well in a number of different design motifs. We have seen rooms literally transform with a simple addition of quality and high-end looking shutters. We have seen those same design results with the addition of Mahogany or basswood blinds.

Bi-fold shutters and half-length shutters are also options to consider, although purchasing full-length shutters do not cost twice the price and full-length options still allow sufficient amounts of light to pass through.


With blinds, you have a number of options and design considerations to resolve. You could buy horizontal or vertical, depending on your window sizes and the room. Horizontal blinds are also termed “Venetian Blinds” and are one of the most common forms of window covering out there. The problem is that being the most common form of window covering lends itself to more and more inexpensive ways to manufacture the same product to beat out the competition. Prices continue to drop, materials are made from cheaper quality products and when people think of blinds, they now picture a very cheap window covering.