A traditional area “rug do” can literally transform a room by means of blanketing a less than desirable flooring look or cover up an unsightly stain that you can’t remove despite your best efforts. Through some of our large traditional rug centerpieces, we’ve seen simple yet unbelievable room design transitions from a dull or uninviting room to a showcased living space.

Area rugs are the easiest way to upgrade the look of your living space, but is an area rug right for your formal living or formal dining room? What style or patterned area rug will add to the room, not detract or look hideous?

At Kalia’s design center, we can match you with the perfect area rug choice for your living space. We carry a large stock of options and you will see varying design displays on our showroom walls.

Space planning with varying rug sizes is an art. With careful attention to the room dimensions and furniture layout, our design center staff can determine the best size of rug for the room. With area rugs, its important to size right, then consider design. An appropriately sized area rug can change the room and still come in at the right cost for your design budget. Area rugs don’t always have to be as big in size as you can fit in your space.


contemporary rug


Wonder where to buy rugs? At Kalia, we offer modern and contemporary area rug styles to enhance your design and space planning approach. Contemporary-styled area rugs are still widely used in high end design and modern upscale living.

Looking for an alternative such as antique area rugs, silk area rugs, oriental area rugs or persian area rugs? We can show you our selection and available area rug styles in our showroom. Our design center planners have knowledge in piecing together a room at low costs with unique approaches. Certain spaces benefit from a non-traditional approach–use of a square or round area rug with strategic placement and/or style of furniture for a contemporary home.

To make your area rugs at home last a lifetime, you must know how to care for your area rug and how to clean and best keep it clean amidst expected room traffic. We have carpet and rug care kits available for your use to protect your investment from excessive dirt, staining, and unnecessary rips or tears from lack of protection. Rotating your area rug, vacuuming regularly, using our special stain protectant guard and following our list of action care items will ensure the best chance at the highest life of your area rug investment purchase.

Long Runners


Our design professionals at Kalia love runner rugs because not only can they transform the look of hallways, narrow passageways and staircases, but can also prevent added wear and tear in those highly trafficked areas that will show degradation and dirt staining before any other area or room in your house. And if you’re already trying to remove or cover up worn out areas, a runner area rug or “throw carpet” is the simplest and cheapest flooring solution.

Runner rugs come in many different sizes and are more affordable than you may think. A rightly sized and placed runner rug can draw the focal point in targeted places of your design, and also provide stunning highlights for a photo-framed lined hallway or a beautifully lit staircase.

Don’t be fooled by the term “quality” loosely associated with any type of area rug you find online. We are happy to discuss the rug manufacturing process, available “grade” options and explain why certain rug builds and manufacturer lines will last a lifetime and why others will begin degrading after 5 or 10 years even through expected use.

While you’re visiting our showroom for your hardwood flooring design, ask about our varying area rugs and runner area rug options to complement your other living spaces throughout your home. You may be surprised that a simple decision to place a runner rug down your main hallway can change the look and feel of your house dramatically.

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